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Have you ever considered creative writing coaching? A coach can help you with your writing in many ways. 


Are you:

Struggling to find your voice?

Struggling to find ideas?

Struggling to choose one idea and stick to it?

Do you want to grow and learn?

Are you stuck in a rut?

These are only some of the problems a coach can help you with. A coach will offer guidance and help you find your way.


What can a creative writing coach do for you?

  1. A coach offers encouragement and empowerment.
  2. A coach brings writing knowledge and teaching experience.
  3. A coach can help you explore and plan your novel.
  4. A coach can help you reach your goals.
  5. A coach can help you enhance your skills.
  6. A coach will teach you to brainstorm and plot.
  7. A coach will help you feel less alone and isolated.
  8. A coach will help you stay motivated.
  9. A coach can help you work through blocks and get unstuck.
  10. A coach will help you reach your potential.
  11. A coach gives you and your writing one-on-one attention.
  12. A coach offers accountability.
  13. A coach can help you with an action plan.
  14. A coach can give you hope when you feel vulnerable and discouraged.
  15. A coach can help you start and finish your book.


Why would you want a creative writing coach?

  • Are you working on a new project?

A new project can be daunting and it is nice to have some help to get started. It’ll also help you save time and avoid the most common challenges.

Maybe you’re a scriptwriter who wants to try novel writing or perhaps you want to try picture books for the first time or perhaps it’s a genre change for you.

  • It’s for new writers & more experienced writers.

The coaching is personalised and adaptable. In our first session, we figure out who you are, where you are and what you want to achieve. It’s about you and your writing.


How does the coaching work?

All writers are at different stages of their writing journey and the coaching is very flexible and is tailored for each student.


What does coaching include?

  • Each session is 60 minutes and takes place via either Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video.
  • Feedback: Each session includes feedback on your writing. Max 1500 words are reviewed per session.
  • Writing to be emailed to three days before the session.

Creative Writing Coaching bundles:

  • Three sessions: Recommended to test your idea, basic plot structure and general writing advice 
  • Six sessions: Idea and plot. Depending on your schedule you can start and finish your novel in six months. 
  • Twelve sessions: Ideal for writers who want to write and finish a novel at a more relaxed paced.

N.B.:   Sessions valid for three, six or twelve months respectively.  Calculated from the day of purchase.


Pricing: please mail for a quote.


Simply put, the more you do, the more we can get done, but keep in mind it is a lot of work.



The sessions can be done weekly or monthly. Some writers prefer to have their sessions as close together as possible and others prefer to spread it out over a few weeks.

These are just suggestions and you can work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

We both have to find a time that would be suitable and take time zones and work schedules into account, but after hours and weekends are possible.

These sessions are adaptable and adjustable. You can also add more sessions should you wish to work at a slower pace and have more of your writing reviewed.


Please contact Mia if you have any questions at or if you would like to know more about manuscript appraisals click here.

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