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Dreams vs Goals

A dream is a wish or desire for something that you want to happen or achieve, but it may not necessarily have a specific plan or timeline associated with it. Dreams are often associated with imagination and fantasy, and they can inspire creativity and motivation. However, without a clear plan of action, dreams may remain unfulfilled.

On the other hand, a goal is a specific objective that you want to achieve, with a clear plan of action and a timeline for achieving it. Goals are often more concrete and measurable than dreams, and they require specific actions to be taken in order to achieve them. Goals are often associated with a sense of purpose and direction, and they can provide a roadmap for success.

Here are some examples for creative writers to illustrate the difference between a dream and a goal:

Dream: “I want to be a best-selling author.”

Goal: “I want to write a novel in 52 weeks.”

In this example, the dream is to be a best-selling author, which is a general desire or aspiration. The goal, on the other hand, is to write a novel and have it published within a specific timeline, which requires a concrete plan of action.

Dream: “I want to write a book someday.”

Goal: “I want to write for an hour every day and finish a first draft within six months.”

In this example, the dream is to write a book someday, which is a vague and undefined aspiration. The goal, however, is to write for an hour every day and finish a first draft within six months, which is a specific plan of action with a clear timeline.

By setting clear goals and creating a plan of action to achieve them, creative writers can turn their dreams into achievable objectives and increase their chances of success.