What the writers said:

After several years of writing short stories and the occasional poem, I took the plunge in 2022 to write a full-length fictional manuscript. Mia provided excellent guidance that I used throughout that process, as well as in the two rewrites I’ve done since.

I still had doubts about querying my manuscript. Specifically, I wasn’t sure my opening pages were punchy enough (for crime fiction), so I sent the first ten pages to Mia for her review. What I got back – in terms of her detailed assessment and advice – was pure gold. She provided actionable steps to make those first pages immersive and gripping, exactly what I wanted. As a result, I decided to do another round of edits to the rest of my manuscript utilizing those same suggestions. I know my novel will be much better for it and, when I am finished, ready for querying. 

I can’t recommend Mia highly enough. When it comes to practical writing advice tailored to an individual’s needs, she absolutely delivers.

– Patty Panni – Memphis, TN USA

Mia, thank you so much for your thoughtful and comprehensive assessment of my novel, The Light is Low. Your insights and recommendations are so appreciated, I was also blown away by how thoroughly you reviewed the story not just for overall content, but your comments on characters, character growth, subplots, plot holes, and such will be extremely helpful when it comes time to edit and rewrite the story. For those who are considering using Mia’s assessment service, I highly recommend it, she will not disappoint.

-Peggy Rockey

Mia knows what she is doing and she wants to help and guide writers honestly. She doesn’t do it to make you feel good about your writing, (although she does), she does it to make you a better writer. Mia took time to really engage and get to know my story and the characters in my book almost as well as I do. She can look at them subjectively in a way that I can’t. She offered advice on big structural changes and little ones to help clarity and flow. All are valid and help to strengthen the story. Her patient interest and support is invaluable to getting my book to where it needs to be. Always pushing gently but understanding sometimes stuff happens while pointing out that all excuses are equal. I am so grateful I discovered Deadline for Writers and Mia because it has enabled me to live my bliss; to tell stories and write a book. It is still bliss even when it makes me want to tear my hair out. I’ve always wanted to write a book and Mia provided the motivation, structure, guidance and support to do it.

-Fiona McElroy

Mia took my manuscript and didn’t just read it, she became invested in the characters, the plot, the setting and helped me bring them to life on paper in a way that they had only lived in my head and heart. She took an extraordinary amount of time to ferret out my real story to keep my manuscript focused, not to mention commercially viable. There is a secret formula to getting your manuscript noticed by agents and publishers and Mia knows it. I can’t thank her enough for making my first novel a reality and making me a better writer in the process.

Anthony Cloutier

Teaching with grace and humour is part of Mia’s DNA. I stumbled onto her writing blog several years ago when I entertained the thought of acting on a lifelong dream. I am a visual artist but have always had the desire to write fiction. Shortly before the pandemic, I saw Mia offered a Beginner’s Writing Class teaching the art of writing with concrete concepts, writing assignments and one-on-one sessions with her. At the end of the class, I had a rough draft. She helped me realize that dream. Was it any good, I wondered? Should I keep going? I decided to have her appraise my work. She helped me to see. To see the places where I lost my way. To see where the plot needed strengthening, and where the characters needed a push. It was worth every penny, my friends!

I am looking in my Flip Dictionary for a word to describe her and of course, there is no one word. Mia is rare and extraordinary. She is kind, honest, encouraging and direct.  I seriously can’t thank her enough for the guidance she has given me, but the thing I appreciate the most is that she opened a world that I knew was in me but I didn’t have the tools to reach. I am so thankful I discovered her writing blog that day.

Robyn Sand Anderson

It’s a combination of accountability, needing to do your best work  – even though Mia constantly reminds us that the middle is ‘messy’ –  and trusting the process. I endured an extensive separation from my characters and had become quite tone-deaf to their whispers. After my session with Mia, I think less, write more and allow my characters to take the lead rather than my trying to lead them. With just the right combination of tug and probe, Mia’s guidance has restored the joy and meaning that this process brings; alas, my muses are (almost) tamed(!). She is my personal writing Dola. In Slavic mythology dolas are protective spirits that embody human fate… they would hound you if you made choices that were not planned by Fate. Thank you, Mia. I am so so grateful for your role in my fate. Because of our sessions, I am certain that I will complete my novel!

Maggie Davenport

 I just want to tell you I have gone through your notes for the second time. They are so valuable. I needed the critique you have given it.

Alice Suszynski

Mia read my manuscript with such close scrutiny that she seemed to know the characters better than me and saw immediately how a slightly different overall scenario would best suit the motivation of the characters, enabling me to resolve a number of plot issues. Her overall assessment and annotated script have given me a lot to work with. Her input was invaluable.

Deryn Graham

Writing is a creative process, a gift to authors, wordsmiths and poets, who expose their all to hidden audiences. And in turn, appraisers, and editors are the guardians, the carers, of those who travel far and wide to create the wonderful books, stories and poems released into the Universe. Mia is a good guardian

John Saul

I sent you a short story for a manuscript appraisal some time ago and rewrote my story based on your advice. It has recently been accepted for publication!

Monica Kagan

I’ve always had people telling me I write well. But Mia’s advice gave me what I had been pining for – an honest appraisal with practical tips on how to use dialogue, body language, setting and unique descriptions to improve my writing.


I can recommend this service to anyone that wants an honest, yet sensitive appraisal without the fear that they will be ridiculed or short-changed.

Victor Ribeiro

 Your appraisal offered more than I expected.

Zane Baisley

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate this feedback, it is invaluable.

Ntombenhle Khathwane